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Cooling Mitts, Socks May Ease a Major Chemo Side Effect

Nerve damage in limbs causes some to stop cancer treatment early

Firefighters Exposed to Carcinogens Through the Skin

Immediate decontamination might help reduce harms of contact with hazardous chemicals, study suggests

Health Highlights: Oct. 18, 2017
  • Calorie-Counting App Pulled by Google

  • Talcum Powder/Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit Award Overturned

  • U.S. Fatal ODs in 2016 Outnumbered Americans Killed in Vietnam War

Health Tip: Best Grains And Starchy Veggies for Diabetics

What the American Diabetes Association suggests

Health Tip: Meditation May Help Lower Heart Disease Risk

Here's what the American Heart Association says

Newer Blood Thinners May Not Bring Higher Bleeding Risk

Risk is similar to warfarin, study reports

Schizophrenia Affects Brain's Communication Network

Finding may help spur new research

The Value of Unplugging

Yes, this means turning off your devices!

Arthritis Can Strike Children

In these young patients, joint inflammation caused by overactive immune system

Clues to How You Hear in a Crowd

Answers reside in the brain, researchers say

Could 'AI' Become a Partner in Breast Cancer Care?

Artificial intelligence technology predicted 97 percent of malignancies in study

Diabetes Pill Might Replace Injection to Control Blood Sugar

Global study shows blood glucose levels dropped significantly, and low rates of low blood sugar

Farsighted Kids Have Trouble Paying Attention

The often-undetected eye condition could lead to school troubles

How Foods Labeled 'Healthy' Can Still Make You Fat

Those that contain high amounts of sugar trigger snacking later, study finds

Is Blood Donated by Mothers Less Safe for Men?

Death rate after transfusion was highest if donor had ever been pregnant, study suggests

Scoliosis Screenings Can Help Catch Spine Problem Early

Treatments vary, depending on severity of the condition

Weight-Loss Surgery May Curb Risk for Certain Cancers

Endometrial and breast tumors were less likely among obese women who had the procedure

Who's Most at Risk of Head Injury in Youth Football?

Those involved in running, passing more vulnerable, study finds

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